"Jungle Jam"
20-song original CD

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The Flutterbys' 20-song original CD is titled "Jungle Jam", reflecting its many delightful animal songs, including the soon-to-be-classic "A Cow Who Likes To Whistle" (a finalist in the 2009 International Songwriting Contest), which features special guest performances by Oscar-nominated actress Piper Laurie, folk-swing icon Dan Hicks , Al "Year-Of-The-Cat" Stewart, and award-winning whistler & voice artist (the "voice" of Woodstock in the Emmy-nominated Peanuts cartoon, "She's a Good Skate, Charlie Brown"), Jason Victor Serinus!

The other 19 songs are performed by Jill Carole and/or Paul Robinson, with charming cameos and guest spots by young friends. "Jungle Jam" was inspired by and is dedicated to Paul and Jill's muse and BIG love: London Robinson.

"Jungle Jam" balances the joviality of the jungle rhythms with lullabies "Wish Upon A Fish" and "We Love Our Baby", as well as parent fantasy songs "We're Cleaning Up Our Room" and "Brush Them". Jill's "It's Your Birthday" was written by her at age eight as a birthday gift her mother, and 5-year old Jenna Herz gives an inspired performance as the child to Jill who plays mommy in the song.

Paul's sophisticated and delightful instrumental arrangements and guitar playing provide a lush landscape for both his and Jill's clever and intelligent lyrics. Children and parents alike will rejoice in the rich creativity of each song, and subsequent listens are certain to provide new discoveries and continued fun. Both Jill and Paul believe their first flight as The Flutterbys is their best, purest and most jungle-stompin' musical endeavor!

The Flutterbys, Jill Carole and Paul Robinson, spread their musical wings after the birth of their son, London. From a very early age, London's large eyes would brighten at the sound of song. Jill and Paul entered London's enchanted world by animating his jungle wall-hangings, giving them voices with individual theme songs. Thus, early tunes "Mr. Girafffe", "Esther Elephant", "Mrs. Zebra" and "Mr. Lion" were born.

Both Jill Carole and Paul Robinson broke ground as pop musicians; Jill as an adult-alternative songwriter, and Paul as an amazing and versatile lead guitarist and songwriter. Paul has shared the stage with such legends as David Sanborn, Don Was, Bob Weir, Al Stewart and Dan Hicks. Jill was signed to UK's Mystic Records and has toured England, opening for The Zombies' lead singer, Colin Blunstone and Al Stewart.

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